Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Raining In Times Square

I have a webcam on my computer of Times Square, and when my husband and I go to New York City the kids love when we pop up in the webcam and call and wave. So I periodically look at the webcam and see random people waving, or just walking by. Our good friends that live in Staten Island have even gone to see a Play and called us to wave at us in the webcam as a good laugh.

You can tell if it's really hot or bitterly cold by the clothing the people are wearing (and knowing the seasons as I do from my many many visits), just feel the humidity in my mind or that bitter cold cut through me as I look it's almost a comforting kind of thing for me to to look at the webcam....reminisce, yearn, the feeling in my heart it's time to return, no matter what the weather is like (always hoping for good weather of course!)
As I look at that small window to another world, it's raining today on this hot August day on the West Coast. Our air conditioner has already come on at 7am, not a good sign since it was 102 yesterday. Now I haven't checked the weather in NYC but I can imagine after multiple summer visits with the kids that it's hot and very sticky humid. We used to say if felt like you were walking around with a diaper on, since your underwear would stick to you....okay too much information!HA!
As I peer into that small window at 7 am it's raining.....I can almost small the warm humid acrid smell of the streets, and the feel of just taking a shower and now stepping out and immediately feeling your skin stick to you already skimpy clothing. But it's a feeling as unpleasant as it seems that I miss, the sounds and smells of the city.... just seeing that moment in time a longing that I just can't wait till our next trip to NYC, when I step out of the terminal to catch a taxi at JFK and I just know I'm's like a second home I just can't explain. It calls to me.
And if I didn't have such roots or a complete life with my family here, who knows I might just live there? Well....those winters....might be a deterrent. But; I'd seriously consider it, even though I'd probably miss the West Coast go figure, I do love my Bay Area it will always be home in my heart...but there's room for two homes...right? :-)

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