Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's A Tattoo Nation

As I see it tattoo's are becoming pretty mainstream, even though their
content may still hold shock value. And for all you know that handsome
clean cut Doctor or Lawyer may just have a sleeve under that sleeve.
Or that nice nurse may have a cute little "Tramp Stamp" as they so
kindly refer to the tattoos on the lower back area. You watch TV and
now all the reality shows the "contestants" are virtually covered in
tattoos, some that are tasteful and stylish and some that are
downright cheesy and "what were they thinking"?
I guess I should state before I go any further with this "ditty" on
Tatts that "I" have 6 myself....ok ok... Two are names... I did go
abit overboard my last visit when I got one done on my back, I also go
each daughter's name on the inside of my wrist (lucky for me I only
have two of them)..
So I guess where I'm going with this is..... Really noticing how many
people have them. And, how many people have maybe too many? Of course
to say to many is subjective, since you might think a mother that is
"gasp" 48, and has 6 herself to many. So I've been pondering this the
last few days, my youngest has atleast 3 with multiple piercings and
my husband has a small one on his shoulder (he's considered maybe one
more if the right design comes his way), but my older daughter doesn't
have any. Which is fine I'd hate for her to feel pressured to do
something if she really doesn't want it. I on the other hand love
mine, I'm artistic and feel they are a extention of my artsy-fartsy
side, and yes I those occasional looks of distain....I give them a big
"harumph"! It's my life! I just guess now that it's so mainstream it's
lost a bit of it's edginess, and since I've had a few for awhile I'm
feeling aa bit desensitized by some of these "over-the-top" folks I
see now.
Well I suppose I'm not making too much sense, not that would be
unusual in any way. I guess I felt I needed to share this diddy as I
wait for the upgrade to do it's magic on my desktop computer....thank
god for my third iPhone. Jayd has spoken....

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