Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Today I'm off work....ahhh
The last two days I get up at 5:30 and hit the ground running. Get up feed all my assorted animals, make tea, take a shower/and or bath, get dressed, throw a lunch and breakfast in a lunch back, lock up puppy, throw out big dogs in back yard, grab purse and lunch bag and keys, feed the birds, and run out the door.
Then usually once a week drive around the block back to the house to see if I actually turned off the straightener, so as not to burn the house down. Which I usually find I've turned off but my 48 year old brain can't remember, and if my Firefighter husband comes home from work and finds still on and glowing will put ME in the doghouse.
Then my 8 mile drive is usually not too bad in the Summer months, but once the school year is back in session it's a whole different story. I must fight my way out of my own neighborhood as the cars come whizzing down the hill in perfect synchronicity, I think due to a stop sign farther up the hill. So I must dart out and piss someone off to get out onto the road and they come barreling up behind me angry as I excelerate to speed even though I have but no choice if I ever want to get out of my neighborhood onto the main road....Now after fighting my way through the sea of parents driving their little perfect children who couldn't possible "walk" to school and BMW's and Escalade's and Lexus' driving to their "all important jobs, I'm finally to the freeway....5 miles...easy right....NO. Traffic! Trucks! Peeps on their Cell Phones!
After a harrowing 20 to 25 minutes dodging traffic to work I know arrive at the parking garage (if I'm not super late and have to now park at an alternate lot down the street and walk aptly named "Oasis Lot") now 10 minutes can make the difference to getting a covered spot in this 4 story lot to end up parking on the top floor in the sun (Summer hell at the end of the day). So it behooves one to leave early in the Summer months to get one of those choice covered spots, to be able to come out at 4:15 to a relatively cool car.
So now we must hike in from the parking garage to our work building, not too far really but in winter rainy months a bit of a pain. I've got it timed about right that I come in with about 15-20 minutes to spare to put my stuff in my locker and eat my cereal or now cold eggs that I can throw at the microwave. This breakfast eating before work has become a ritual for many of us and we will eat communally in our breakroom before our morning starts and our manager holds a 5 minute "huddle" for the day. Reminding us of all the things we aren't doing right.
Now I set out for my desk, which I never know what to expect, it's a shared area in a hospital unit and if there is no night shift coming off duty the nurses have usually sat at my desk and messed it all up...oh joy. So now I must try and figure out what's happened since now nobody's been there for a whole shift and the nurses are less than helpful. I try to get this done as quickly as possible as to get my morning started, since I have a full slate of tasks ahead of me to do.
I won't bore you on the boring details of my crazy day, but let's just say it's never a "dull moment" from the minute I start till the minute I sign out of my computer. I get a half hour to inhale my lunch and luckily since I start relatively early I get home at a fairly decent hour, or can squeeze a quick stop at the gym in.
Then I come home and if the husband is not working at the firehouse then I don't have to take care of all the pets the minute I walk in the door. I can have a few minutes to unwind before I cook us dinner.....
Now hopefully by around 7pm or 7:30 dinner is finished and the dishes are done and I can go collapse on the couch. Did I say my kids are grown and moved out....thank god! Don't get me wrong I love them to death and I'm so happy they are young adults on their own (for the most part...another blog) I used to be a single parent before I met my now husband and do all this too....and I guess it was good I was younger because that included homework and after school activities like soccer or gymnastics. Oh and housework...pppfffff.....
Wow I can't believe you are still with me here, haven't I bored you yet?

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