Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The puppy is Neutered

Today I took my wild 6 month old pup into get his testicles removed. I don't plan on breeding him and it's the right thing to do with all the homeless animals in the world...right? Oh but he looks so his cone. I've stolen his "manhood" away, it seemed so cruel as I walked out of the vet this morning and he looked at me leave. Now he sleeps on the floor with his cone of shame, for the other dogs in the house know this cone all too well. He's joined the "club" so to speak and now like all our other doggies, is sexless. It's all for the better, so he doesn't hump our companies boots and mark his territory on our furniture...but he looks like Eeyore sulking around the house. It's all for the greater good....While I was out shopping and going to meetings, how thoughtless of me? My poor baby, though the girls at the vet's office all enjoyed cuddling him and he sucked it all up. And tonight my little prince will sleep on my bed and his world will be "almost" back to normal......

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