Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Day Has Arrived...The Big 50

Well yes, I've been delinquent. My typical MO, I start something gung-ho and then get distracted by life. So today I thought a good day to start back up (if even only today) my thoughts and feelings on being fifty.
I've been dreading this number for over a year, so silly really that I haven't even really thought of myself being 49. LAME, I know. But I have some deep inner reasons that need probably some psychotherapy to extract out. But mostly as I look in the mirror and pull on my neck waddle in frustration, just don't want to acknowledge that yes I'm 50. I've been beating myself up lately about my weight and to top it off I've been slacking off the gym due to (using as an excuse) my foot problem, though there are always other forms of exercise other than the treadmill. And the middle age spread has infected my middle, and I don't want to believe those pants give me a "muffin top" when zipped up! Oh no!
But decides all that drudgery and the fact that no one probably reads this but myself, I still am unique and vibrant for 50 and can't discount that I haven't give up hope yet. I'm still rockin' the multicolored purple highlights that get strangers compliments all the time, and I try and be fairly stylish for my plump short physique. Though a resent photo was not a flattering angle, yikes!?! I'm heading to the gym after this is done....really....don't laugh....I'm serious.
I still love finding trendy jewelry and cool looking shoes (even though they now have to be somewhat sensible...shit did I say that....ugh!) But I've actually found some very cute and stylish shoes that are dare I say....comfortable? Anthropologie.....thank you, no apologies. And I even found some decent flipflops called "Fitflops" that are supportive and are black with black patten leather on top. Very Cute! So I guess I'll get back to blogging about my fashion finds for mid century broads like me (because I know you're out there) :-D